Welcome! My name is Robin Bowden and this is how I got into Star Trek: In late Nov. of 1979, I was diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis. In those days, the TV’s in the hospitals had only 4 channels and nothing for a 13 yr. old. I spent several days in the hospital, and when I was allowed visitors, my sister would come up after work. Sometimes, she would bring a book. After missing the Thanksgiving Holiday as I was still in the hospital, it was quiet and I was antsy. Sometimes the nurses would play a game with me on their break, but this one night, my sister left a book, a Star Trek book! Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I had seen the previews for the upcoming Movie. It sounded interesting, and with nothing else to do, I decided to read the book. I read it from cover to cover that night and was hooked! I liked what Star Trek offered with the future and the friendships as well and the diversity. Needless to say, when I got out of the hospital, Mom made sure I got a lot of Star Trek for Christmas that year, I even got to see the Movie on Christmas day! I had to be back at the hospital after Christmas though, I'd only been allowed to go home for the holiday.
        From then on, I have collected Star Trek, met others with the same passion as well and have done many Conventions. In order to advance my collecting, I sell off duplicate items for new items for My Collection!
        In 1990, I collected over 10,000 signatures for the Stars, to get them on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Whew!
        In Feb of 1992, I came up with the name StarBasePhoenix, because of where I lived and I considered it a base, and started spreading the word too. I attend Conventions and Shows to promote Star Trek and still enjoy the TV Shows years later. That is pretty much about it! I always look for new items for my Collection, all the time! With the help of my best friend and her husband, the 3 of us came up with a new Logo and this Webpage, now I can bring StarBasePhoenix to other fans online! Happy Shopping!!!

        PS - I sell items on eBay under the name "trek1701". Please check it out, these are often items that haven't yet made it into my Catalog!
        You can also find me on Facebook under "StarBasePhoenix"!

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